Karen Minihan is a theatre director, writer and actor who gives voice to stories of deep personal connection. Working in collaboration and co-creation with other artists is fundamental to her work, developing an atmosphere that allows for a freedom of exploration and experimentation that bursts with potential and possibilities. With this process, which she describes as collaboration and collective creativity, Karen seeks to find that indefinable spark––that touch of magic––that makes live performances fresh, meaningful, dynamic and impactful.

PlayActing Theatre is the company through which much of this process has developed

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playacting theatre

Since 2003, PlayActing Theatre has staged productions which have involved a collective process of theatre-making and performance. Integral to the company ethos is the desire to challenge both the production team and the audience with work that is dynamic, fresh and experimental. Productions have ranged from one-person monologues, imaginative reworking of classic writings to large scale community-based productions.


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Karen has two diferent blogs:

The Amadeus project

This blog follows and records the process behind the mise en scène of the Peter Shafer play, ‘Amadeus’.

Take a Chair: talking theatre and creativity

A blog and podcast series, which looks at elements of theatre and creative expression through the written form of a blog and podcast interviews with theatre-makers and other artists.

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Take A Chair Podcasts


An informal chat with various artists, especially theatre-makers, about their creative practices and the influences on the development of their work.

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Forgotten stories, old photographs

Forgotten Stories...

A project to give voice to the untold stories of women from the founding of the State.

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Forgotten stories, old photographs

More Forgotten Stories...

A new book of stories, to be launched in January 2024, will reveal more of the untold herstories of women from the founding of the State.

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