The performances and the recordings – the moments from the Workshop Day, 10th July 2021.

The following written record is my immediate response to the moments I experienced when observing the performances of the actors at the workshop day on 10th July, 2021. My intention is to capture the impression of those performances, in the wild garden and the settings that were the individual choices of the performers.

Photograph by Julia Zagar.

Unless otherwise indicated, the portrait photographs in the following section were taken by Todd Billeci, and formed the primary focus of the Reflected element of the exhibition in the Blue House Gallery with the main display of photographs from the Amadeus 2019 production.

As mentioned in the notes previously recorded on this workshop day the audio recordings became a larger element of the days artistic outcome and so this page has been created to fully recognise this.

The full uninterrupted recording, Amadeus: Reflected––The “Moments” Recorded, can be heard at


The fabric laid out, she at the end … vivid red colour, blending with her outfit, soft fabric in the green grass, sharp image of the bamboo stick laid beside it and her strict stance at the end … the fabric completely hiding her face, sculptural and structured when both ends os the scars was around her neck … then her hands together on her chest …




Settling the bouquets of dock leaves, grasses and wild flowers, the shape and the magical space created …flowing, draped fabric in the wildness … no place for the actor, keeping hidden behind the magic …



Face in blood-red sheer scarf, framed, yet used as protection … and in that setting, framed by the door space of the wooden shed, Mount Gabriel behind metal ladder in front of her … using the satin edge to feel pleasure, comfort … isolated, lonely …



The gurgle of containment from the voice within the tent … tracing the fabric with her finger … entirely shrouded in the tent, suspended almost, at the top of the grass when viewed from a distance … lemonade and jam sandwiches …


Photo by Julia Zagar

The atmosphere created … watching the drawing of the sky with the bamboo stick …drawing the eye upwards, bringing us into her internal, protective world, the scarf almost allowing an outline of the face …the sky beautiful, ever-changing … protection / pleasure in one …



The sheer fabric outline of her face with sunglasses on … the head at that angle … almost normal, strange … beautiful, multiplicity of colours … peeking around the corner of the house …


The stretch of the body, the hand on the verdant green grass as he settled into the pleasure of the structure – the sun / warmth, the floating fabric, the protection … I saw the geometric shape of the structure / the softness and colours of the fabric and clothes …


The Shroud

Body in the long grass, hiding there and behind the chunky tree trunk, beneath the canopy … vivid, red-colored scarf … hiding, hiding … the sound, “schka, schka” … collapsing into the grasses when everyone had gone away …


Photograph by Julia Zagar.

Camera being moved around all day … fixing shutters, advising, encouraging, taping-up sheets, checking sound levels … going, going … slipping into the energy and the mood and the moments … perched on the stepladder for the fish-eye lens shot …