playacting theatre

PlayActing Theatre strives to widen their range of skills and interests, to involve a diverse mix of talents and disciplines within the world of theatre. Though based in West Cork it is important that their productions are accessible to both local and national audiences, that the standard of production is sophisticated and professional, and that the creative vein that runs through our community is recognised, stimulated and celebrated.

Amadeus by Peter Shaffer, 2019

Set in the court of Austria in the late 1700s, with contemporary references and sensibilities in this production, Amadeus addresses themes of power and manipulation, love and loss, when the precocious and superbly talented young musician, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, arrives to disrupt the music establishment. Salieri, the Court composer, in awe of Mozart sees him as God’s voice on earth, mocking his pedestrian talents and, becoming increasingly aware of his own musical limitations, he determines to challenge Mozart and God, plotting Mozart’s downfall, and ultimately his own as well.

creative team
Crew roleCrew name
Mise en scène Karen Minihan, Julia Zagar, Alyn Fenn
Director of dramaKaren Minihan
Set DesignJulia Zagar
Lighting Paul Toolen, Edmund Krugel, Corey Macri
Set Décor and PropsDeirdre Cairns, Corinna Thornton, Jo Fearnley, Isobel O’Toole
Hair and Makeup Patricia Coogan O' Dell
Costume Design and CreationLiz Flatman, Gene Griffin, Lydia Little, Jessica May, Julia Zagar with creative help from Maria Bishop Schadt, Bobins Campbell, Marie Davies, Judy Purves
Set Drawing Mark O’Mahony
Sound Design and operation DJ Greegio
ProjectionColm Rooney
production team
Crew roleCrew name
ProductionAlyn Fenn, Jane Hurley, Terri Leiber, Len Lipitch, Corey Macri, Julian van Hasselt
Set ConstructionJasper Doherty, Jack Harrington
Posters and Programme DesignJonathan Parson
Stage ManagersJack Harrington, Winnie Ulbert
Front of HouseJulian van Hasselt, Lydia Little, Jessica May, Florence Newman
SupportViv O' Toole, Carmel Waddy, Catherine Cunningham
Crew roleCrew name
Antonio Salieri Victor Hayes, Clair Lalor
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Bridget Staunton
Constanze Weber, wife to Mozart Max Vearncombe
Joseph II, Emperor of Austria Julia Zagar
Count Johann Killian von Strack Len Lipitch
Count Franz Orsini Rosenberg Terri Leiber
Baron Gottfried van SwietenPeter Dillon
Venticellio 1Mark O’Mahony
Venticello 2 Jane Hurley
Salieri's valet Sally Smart
Salieri's cook Clara McGowan
Teresa Salieri Tessa Gibson
Katherina Cavalieri Cate O' Loughlin
Guiseppe Bonno Alyn Fenn
Priest Tina O' Callaghan
Singer Lisa Canty
Opera Singer Joy Lenehan
The Eileen and Marilyn Experience by Terri Leiber and Karen Minihan 2010-2019

Marilyn and Eileen are unlikely friends who have been thrown together through circumstance.

Marilyn arrived in Ireland to withdraw from the pressures of a failed career in New York and the marriage she forced with her gay husband, Colin Silverman, who now lives very happily with his partner, Rodrigo. She descended on Eileen’s Mammy explaining the familial ‘connections’ through Daddy, how his first cousin three times removed, Uncle Joe, well his third (‘shacked up’) wife was Marilyn’s Mam. This encounter has led to Marilyn taking up residence in the village and living there very happily with her dogs, horses and one-night stands with various red-faced farmers.

Eileen coped with the separation from her husband, Jerry O’Brien, through her work in the Civil Service and cleaning the house with vinegar and bread soda. She was trying to come to turns with it by going to counselling, and passing her spare time hosting Tupperware parties. The Divorce papers were served on a Valentine’s Day.

The series of six stage performances follows the development of their relationship over a period of years and how they grew in understanding and friendship.

2010 Eileen and Marilyn’s Christmas Stocking
2011 Eileen and Marilyn’s – Not Valentine’s Night
2011 Eileen and Marilyn’s Summer Breeze
2012–13 Eileen and Marilyn Spice Up the Community Social
2015–16 Eileen and Marilyn do New York
2016–17 Eileen and Marilyn: The Prequel

There have also been a few forays into the world of Electric Picnic, short film and TV.

2018 Draft 1 of 6-part TV series: Eileen & Marilyn
2019 Short Film: The Wonders of West Cork @Twig, Clonakilty

creative team
Crew roleCrew name
Writer, performer and producer, Eileen Karen Minihan
Writer, performer and producer, MarilynTerri Leiber
Musician and Pat Joe, 2010-2 017Norman Collins
Musician and Railroad Bill, 2018David Precious
production team
Crew roleCrew name
Producers Karen Minihan and Terri Leiber
Production Design MentorJulia Zagar
Eileen the Monologue, by Karen Minihan, 2014–15     

Eileen tells the story of an ordinary, middle-aged countrywoman, and local Tupperware rep, Eileen O’Brien. She is facing the difficulty of divorcing Jerry, her farmer husband of fourteen and a half years, with the enormous implications for her life in a small, close-knit, Catholic village. Eileen must learn to live alone and find new dreams with the support of her community. Her determination shows as she explores loss and expectations handling her personal dilemmas with humour and pathos.

creative team
Crew roleCrew name
Assistant to Karen Minihan as DirectorAlyn Fenn
Design ConsultantJulia Zagar
Lighting Edmund Krugel
production team
Crew roleCrew name
LightingRonán MacRaois
PRDee Murnane, PRwise
Fiona WalshPoster Image
BackstageTerri Leiber
Crew roleCrew name
EileenKaren Minihan
May the Force, a one-woman show, written and performed by Terri Leiber and co-adapted by Leiber and Karen Minihan, 2014

Tracey is the child of a ‘copper’ growing up in 1970s England. Central to her life are the women that live in the police houses around her, whose mothering-styles and guidance have an influence and impact on Tracey in unexpected ways. The internal world of eight-year-old Tracey is brimful of escapades and adventures, and peopled with TV personalities such as Steve McGarrett and Liesel from the Sound of Music. Seven female characters and one ‘copper’ are portrayed through word and movement and we experience a chaotic domestic world behind the forces of law and order, where Tracey seeks to find her own order and love.

creative team
Crew roleCrew name
Writer and Co-adaptor Terri Leiber
Director and Co-adaKaren Minihan
Set DesignJulia Zagar
Lighting DesignRenán MacRaois
production team
Crew roleCrew name
ProductionAlyn Fenn
Crew roleCrew name
ActorTerri Leiber
Amour, adapted by Karen Minihan from the Maupassant short story, 2011–12  

A young man, Con, visits his cousin Karl for their annual hunting trip. Con and Karl set off for the marsh in the dark, early morning for the hunting to begin. But the atmosphere of the wet, primal marsh, provides a cold, unyielding setting for Con’s coming of age.

Short video:

creative team
Crew roleCrew name
DirectorKaren Minihan
DesignerJulia Zagar
Lighting DesignLisa Krugel
Sound DesignMaurice Seezar with original music from Colm Ó Snodaigh
production team
Crew roleCrew name
Production Alyn Fenn and Justine Foster, West Cork Arts Centre
Crew roleCrew name
KarlPeter FitzGerald (2011), Ger Minihane (2012)
ConIsaac Sloley
Birds Terri Leiber, Ben Townsend
Opera Singer Camilla Griehsel (2012)
ViolinistJustin Grounds (2012)
Ted Hughes’ Tales from Ovid, adapted by Tim Supple and Simon Reade, 2004  

Ted Hughes’ Tales from Ovid is an adaptation for theatre of the translation of the stories of metamorphosis of Ovid undertaken by poet, Ted Hughes. Eight of these stories from ancient times were retold using drama, music, singing, dance and physical theatre. King Midas and Narcissus appear in these tales which address the themes of lust, greed, power, aggression, love, loss, rape, loneliness and regret. The actors, in ensemble, play a number of different roles but were also a boat, tossed by the stormy seas or frolicking dolphins, as the text demanded.

Creative Team
Crew roleCrew name
DirectorKaren Minihan
Set Design Marie Cullen
Costume Design and ProductionColette Murnane
Costume Decoration Aoife Burke
Sound DesignPaula McGlinchey and Karen Minihan
ChoreographerPaula McGlinchey
Props for ‘Midas’Julia Zagar
HeadwearLuisa McCarthy
Itys’ HeadSue Kinnon
Music compositionKaren Minihan
Music for ‘Tiresias’Mark Pledger
GuitarNorman Collins
Production Team
Crew roleCrew name
ProducerKaren Minihan
Stage ManagerHelen Kelly Jones
Sound RecordingGeorge Hart
Lighting Denis O’Donovan, Dan O’Sullivan, Helen Kelly Jones
Crew roleCrew name
Bacchus, Minerva, Storyteller, ServantCaroline Hart
Tiresias, MidasManny Lange
Juno, Woman, Agave, Arachne, Procne, SilenusTerri Leiber
Echo, Acoetes, Nymph, Philmela, StortytellerPaula McGlinchey
Solo Singer, Autone, Nymph, Storyteller, PeasantDee Murnane
Jupiter, Man, Pentheus, Pandion, PeasantAdam Sindall
Narcissus, Storyteller, Itys, PanAdam Wyeth