Final projection list

This was the list of images and short video clips which was given to Colm and which was made into a short video for the performances.

It was ultimately a very short interpretation of our original intention. But even to undertake this abridged version of our ideas was really interesting and helpful.

The ultimate question was: What were the images that conveyed our meaning and vision … back to our thoughts and mind maps of the very early stages. (Included in The Amadeus Project: Day 2.) And, because of the time constraints, to use the minimum number we could.

Was it perfect? No. It was good enough. One of the items that we would have spent more time on if other issues hadn’t been a priority and if we had extra budget.

The list

Total time: 90 seconds

1       For 10 secs from beginning: __ Laser show

2       4 secs fade in, fade out


3     4 secs fade in fade out

4      10 secs in, 10 secs out I’d love this but can’t afford to buy it. Have looked for something on Youtube without success. Any suggestions??


5     From 3.30-3.34: __ Laser show

6       Fade in 2 secs and out 2 secs


7       Fade in 2 secs and out 2 secs


8    8 seconds in all piano from .12 seconds in

9    Fade in and out … about 5 seconds in total

Mozart's score

9    (sic) Fade in over number 9 for 10 seconds in total — phones

10     fade in and out 6 seconds, one after other

11    10 secs –– twinkly lights

12    5 secs —- ink droplets

13    10 secs

For 10 secs from middle of video, 1.12 – 1.20 __ Laser show