Chatting with Alyn Fenn, painter and writer, about inspiration and the work.

This podcast features Karen Minihan in conversation with Alyn Fenn, a writer and painter, and   a creative collaborator with Karen for over twenty years in projects which included: street theatre, an arts festival, in PlayActing Theatre and other theatre projects as well as many community arts projects.

Linking to Blog 2 in the series, entitled ‘Vision, inspiration…and enchantment’, the women touch on why one works creatively and Alyn speaks of where the inspiration for her painting and writing comes, the impact of her family background, thoughts on collaboration,  the physicality of working and her chosen chair.

In the podcast, Alyn’s uncle, a poet, is mentioned. His name is Alun Lewis.

Her mother was painter, Mair Fenn, and her father, Charles Fenn, the writer.

My ‘Alyn Fenn’ still-life painting.

(Opening and closing music features Camilla Griehsel, Singer and Justin Grounds, Violinist.)